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The Hunt (Part 2)

Natalie: I do not know about bringing out the good in everyone, but anything is worth the good ole college try. Anyway, this night was supposed to be fun, remember? *smiles, shaking you by the collar of your jacket* I am dressed to kill…well…entice…under this coat, and I do not wish to waste it. Do you want to hunt, or do you want to stand her in the middle of the sidewalk all night?

Erik: *Grins, kissing your neck gently* You do have an excellent point. We came out here to get away from all this with the steam-blowing. *Nods* I wish to hunt. How do you think you are with blowing….the steam? *Gives you a trademark smirk*

Natalie:  *sighs softly when you kiss me* Did I ever tell you those lips were magic? Blowing…the steam? Oh, I wish to blow…something else. *smirks devilishly* The intimate part of My Viking’s anatomy while he is still in the thralls of bloodlust. Wow, I am nothing if not truthful.

Erik: *Smiles* Perhaps, but I love hearing it again from your own magic lips. You do? *Grins wide* Well, I will certainly not be putting up any protest, certainly not with such blood coursing to….pertinent areas. 

Natalie: And My Viking is very truthful as well. I do. *matches your grin* I know you will not protest. Miss out on my enigmatic talent? I do not see that happening. *turns around, starting to walk, keeping your coat grasped in one hand* Off to the very shady and bad part of Central Park, please. I want to play.

Erik: *Grins as you tug on my coat, following after you* Can it be out in the open again? *Winks at your back, keeping up perfectly, watching you sway a bit as you walk* Central Park it is. 

Natalie: As out, and open as you want it to be, baby. *throws you a grin over my shoulder* You should be leading, you have lived here, and I would bet a million dollars that you know “exactly” where to go. *laughs* Tell me I am wrong.

Erik: *Grins back at you* You are doing very well on your own and I love the view back here, so where you lead, I shall follow. Use your instincts: What feels like the deepest, darkest, most dangerous, secluded part is where we want to go. And yes, I do, I lived here on and off for a very long while. 

Natalie: So do you like here better than Shreveport? *adds a little extra sway to my hips as I walk across the street to the park entrance* So….somewhere out of the obvious sight line, with shadows, but still along the path so there is access. *nods, letting logic take over* Do not tell me, let me use my instincts as you use yours.

Erik: No, Shreveport has been home for a long while, everyone I love is there now. Our family, whole again. *Gives you a soft smile* *Follows you, nodding along with your words* As strange as it sounds, think like a vampire. You have been inside our heads for so long, you will know it when you see it. 

Natalie: I am happy to hear that. Well, as strange as it sounds, I have been thinking like a vampire for quite a while now. *smiles back, moving my hand into yours as we walk deeper into the park* {{A place near the center, away from the street, poorly lit, trees, and without a lot of foot traffic…..}} *squeezes your hand tight, body and mind running on pure instinct*

Erik: *Squeezes back, having to grin a bit to myself when you become so committed to the task* {{You have excellent instincts and you have the advantage of being able to hone them long before you join me in eternity. That is as rare of an opportunity as you a unique gem on this earth.}} *Squeezes your hand again as we walk more deeply into the park* 

Natalie: {{You flatter me, my love. You truly do. I think everyone who makes my decision should have such training and preparedness. I am just very, very luck to have the best teacher on the planet. That would be you, silly, and I am honored.}} *walks across the grass a bit, headed to another part of the path, stopping to listen for voices, or any other signs of life before starting to pull you with me again* {{This way.}} *nods*

Erik: {{I do not know if I am the best teacher in the world, but I hope I have bestowed worthwhile knowledge onto my progeny.}} *Stops with you, watching as you listen, trying to keep quiet as you pull at my hand again, grinning from ear to ear at your natural skills. {{You are very skilled, my angel.}} 

Natalie: {{You are the best teacher “I” could ever have, or would ever want. I will put it that way.}} *looks back at you as we walk to the other side, stopping short when a bit of gravel crunches under my suede boots, hissing at it. {{Why are you looking at me like that, you goofy vampire? Skills? Nah.}} *shakes my head, grinning at you, pointing a bit farther up the path* {{Most of the lamps have been broken, and it is out of sight with plenty of tree cover. Tell me I have found it.}}

Erik: *Smiles, lifting your hand to kiss the back of it* {{I will take it.}} *Smiles when you say goofy* {{It is the look of love, did you not know?}} *Looks ahead to where you are pointing* {{You have found it, I am **very** impressed.}} *Gives you another smile, proud of you* 

Natalie: *curtsies as you kiss the back of my hand, smiling* {{The goofy look of love. I love it. You are impressed? I am “astounded”! How did I find my way here? And why am I not afraid to be here? I am only mortal, with no sense of New York, or Central Park.}} *looks up at you, confused, and surprised at the same time* {{Shall we forge ahead? I will let you pick out someone interesting.}}

Erik: *Smiles as you curtsy* {{You found your way here because you have superior instincts. You are not afraid because I am right by your side. You used logic as well, something I think you have always excelled at.}} *Squeezes your hand again, trying to reassure you* {{We shall.}}

Natalie: {{Would I still be unafraid if you were not here? *giggles* Perhaps my instincts are because I was born to be a vampire…just do not ever let Kat hear me say that.}} *smiles, brushing my thumb over your fingers* {{Now you shall lead and pick our prey. Make it a challenge for me. Let us see how quickly they fall.}}

Erik: {{My angel is very brave, so it is highly possible that you would not be.}} *Smiles* {[I have high confidence in my angel’s powers of seduction.}} *Grins, my eyes focused on the path, studying passersbys* {{Does he look….twitchy to you?}} 

Natalie: {{I have powers of seduction? I did not know that.}} *slowly unbuttons my coat, as you have a look around, looking toward a guy about my age, looking extremely on edge and distracted, when you nod at him* {{He looks very….twitchy, My Viking. Do you like him?}}

Erik: *Grins, running my fingers down your back after you take off your coat* {{Oh, yes, you do.}} *Looks him over again* {{Yes, twitchy is very good when it comes to this. Do you think you can use your wiles on him?}} 

Natalie: *shivers a bit, gasping when you touch me* {{Okay, I do. Twitchy is good, I will keep that in mind.}} *turns to look up into your eyes, feeling confidence wash over me as if it were the most natural thing ever, my voice barely a whisper* Oh, he would be an easy one. *smirks* Would you like to taste a little lust when you take him? Because…if you would…*pats my pockets*…I am afraid I have forgotten all of my money. I would just have to drag him of and…make him think he were being paid another way.

Erik: *Grins as I see your eyes sparkle brightly, loving the naughty energy that is rising from you once again, speaking quietly as well* My angel is very, very wicked. How can I say no to that? I rather imagine he will not either. *Reaches up to massage your shoulders* Are you ready to work your magic on the unsuspecting “gentleman”?

Natalie: Men just bend to my will. I can make them give me whatever I want. *grins, biting my lip, closing my eyes when I feel your hands on me, looking back at him again* He is hardly a gentleman, and because of that, I will play hardly a lady. You have to love acting practice. He will never know what hit him.

Erik: *Grins* Oh, do they? Is that what we men in your life do? *Nods with another grin* All right, that is actually rather true. *Chuckles* *Tilts my head in that direction* No, I suppose a lady of your grace and charm would not appeal to his baser instincts, but you are the ultimate seductress and actress extraordinaire. I have faith in my angel’s skill in all things. Go, let me see you work. *Grins, kissing you quickly* 

Natalie: I am not “that” cocky. just when it comes to those like him. Grace and charm? *gives a little spin, holding an imaginary skirt and kissing you back* Just watch me work. *winks and walks up to tap Mister Twitchy on the shoulder like I’ve done this a thousand times before, letting out a little giggle when he jumps, looking him dead in the eyes* {{This one is in the bag, lover. Trust me.}}

Erik: *Nods with a smile* A beautiful and graceful lady. Oh, I will. *Grins, watching you walk away from me, laughing when he jumps* {{You are a dangerous one, my lover. I love it.}} *Waiting to see what you will say, finding this highly entertaining* 

Natalie: {{Do not make me start singing MJ.}} *looks back at you with a grin, putting my hands on my hips, waiting for Twitchy to talk* “Yeah! Wadda you want?” *laughs, gaining eye contact again* I wanna know what’s good on the market tonight. “I dunno what you’re talkin’ about.” *I laugh as he rubs his hand under his nose* Sure ya do. What, does this look like my first time or somethin’? Tell me what you’re sellin’. *his eyes start to slowly look me over* “Nice body.” *he smirks, fingering one of my earrings* “You a fanger?” Maybe. “Got V.” Not interested… *prays that you don’t let out a growl at that*

Erik: {{You could, if you wanted. *Soft laugh*}} *Watches as you get his attention, shaking my head* {{Some humans are just woefully pathetic.}} *Holds in a growl when he crudely compliments you, trying to remember that this all part of the game and him the mark, listening to the conversation between the two of you, shaking my head again, the phrase “anything for a buck” coming to my mind as I watch him, anticipating your next move* 

Natalie: {{I will not, and yes, unfortunately…some are.}} *tries not to retch as he reaches out and touches my cheek, sending waves of calm to you as I hear your thoughts* “So what is a girl as fine as you interested in, Boo?” *steps a little closer to him, closing the gap* Hmm…you look pretty happy what are you on? Test the merchandise did ya? *he smiles, narrowing his eyes at me* “High, happy, horny, and just about any other H word in the book. Gotta make sure the stuff’s good for the customers, ya know? Little coke, little heroine…” *forces the contents of my stomach down again* Sounds good to me. *starts to reach into my pocket, patting them like I did with you* Unfortunately I’m fresh outta scratch. There must be another way I can “pay” ya for it. 

Erik: *Relaxes a bit when you send the calm, still studying the pathetic dealer, shaking my head at “fine”, wondering what decade he thinks he is from, listening to the rest of the conversation between you* {{Cocaine, excellent. Yes, that is very intelligent, literally sucking up your own profits.}} *Shakes my head again at him, thinking it is not likely he went to business school 101* {{Scratch?}} *Raises my eyebrow at the darkness* {{Let us see if he takes the **very** enticing bait.}} 

Natalie: {{You wanted an intoxicated one, did you not? You will not find a clean drug dealer in this country. They all do it.}} *runs my fingers along the side of his neck, pulling him a little closer* {{Scratch is money, vampire. Street talk. Remind me to have you listen to Eminem when we get home.}} “I like what I’m seein’. What do ya have in mind as better payment?” You know what I’m talking about. You, me, against one of those trees back there…*starts to lead him that way as I talk about it* I like it rough. Think you can handle that? *he laughs* “Can I handle you? Bitch, please! Better question is can ‘you’ handle ‘me’?” I’d love to find out.

Erik: {{I do, yes. Oh, I had not heard that term before. Listen to who? Well, remind me to remind you that we must do that tree situation sometime.}} *Grins into the darkness* {{Handle your storm of erotic pleasure? Oh, yes, I am sure that he could.}} *Rolls my eyes at the display he is making, poised to move silently when the two of you do* 

Natalie: {{I do believe my kind of storm would kill him. I suppose I have been with you too long. Tree…oh, yes please. Eminem is a rapper. He’s good, I think you would like him.}} *drags the dealer off into the trees, letting him push me back against one, pinning my shoulders as I run my hand up the inside of his thigh and between his legs* “Ah, you do like it rough, don’t ya?” *he leans in to kiss and bite at my neck, pulling at my clothes* There’s nothing better than a good fuck. Ya gonna give it to me? {{He is all yours, lover. Lust is rolling off of him in waves.}}

Erik: {{I would be cocky and say I ruined you for human men, but dear Christian has a storm of his own. I would? Well, I trust your musical tastes. I have been wrong in the past.}} *Watches you walk off, following stealthily, hearing as you get him all riled up, my fangs twitching in anticipation and gleaming in the light of the moon, coming closer to the two of you, moving quietly behind him* {{Yes, he appears to be.}} *Pulls him back by the back of his jacket, my fangs at full attention* I think you should leave the lady alone. *Gives you a wink as he struggles a bit, dumbfounded as I sink my fangs deep into his neck, drinking deeply as all of the nuances of his blood flow over my tongue, feeling his accelerated pulse thunder in his veins* 

Natalie: {{Christian’s storm is……*growls* Yes….}} *plays along with the dealer until you swiftly pull him off like he’s nothing, laughing when he screams like a girl and tries to struggle, winking back at you* Guess I failed to mention I had a bodyguard…with fangs. *smiles, straightening my clothes as you sink your fangs deep into his neck, relishing in the sight* Take enough to make him unconscious, Erik. There is something that I want from him.

Erik: *Laughs mentally at your quip, my large hands keeping his shoulders steady so that I do not tear him too badly, tasting the lust and drugs coursing through his system, raising an eyebrow curiously at you* {{Do I wish to know?}} *Continues to feed deeply as he stops struggling so much, growing a bit weak in my arms* {{He will have quite a headache in the morning.}} 

Natalie: Not so bad ass now, are you? *knees him in the groin hard while you feed, walking circles around the two of you to watch from all angles* {{You will see. He has something he should not, and I want it. He would have the headache in the morning anyway. Why not make it about a thousand times worse?}} *lets out a little unconscious moan as I watch, enjoying it, finding you beautiful when you feed, knowing you can hear every thought running through my head*

Erik: *Chuckles hard against his skin when you knee him, feeling you change direction as you walk around us* {{I trust you, naughty angel.}} *Growls mentally in response to your moan, my hips shifting unconsciously at all of your thoughts twirling around me* *Retracts my fangs before I feel him start to lose consciousness, surveying the damage to his neck before letting him drop with a thud against the tree* 

Natalie: *shivers when your growl reverberates inside my head, watching with fascination, feeling my own lust start to rise as you drop him, hearing him hit, feeling the ground shake, taking one last glance at him before I walk over to you, stretching up to kiss you deeply, tasting the dealer’s blood still on your lips and tongue* {{We must do this more often, lover. Even once we are home. It is so….exhilerating…}} 

Erik: *Feels the lust rolling off of you in waves, another growl escaping as you stretch up to kiss me deeply, wrapping my arms around you, tickling down your back* {{It has had **quite** the effect on you.}} *Grins against your lips, feeling a bit of the effect of the drugs*

Natalie: *presses against you when you growl, letting you feel my body shiver this time, pulling back to nibble on your bottom lip as you tickle so gently, running my fingers through your hair, and kissing you deep, and slow once again* {{I do not know what has come over me, why I am reacting like this. Is it morbid for a mortal to do so? To find it arousing? Tell me how you feel right now.}}

Erik: *Growls again as you shiver, suckling on your tongue as it is offered, tickling it with mine as you kiss more slowly* {{I think you like the surge of power around you, especially when it comes to me. He deserved it as well, I think that has a great deal to do with it. When it comes to arousal, I think you love watching me work as much as I do you. I feel delightfully strong and fast, as well as the obvious.}} *Pulls back a bit to nip at your bottom lip* 

Natalie: {{Surge of power? When it comes to you? Erik, I am very confused right now, you have to explain what I do not understand. I did enjoy watching you work, it was this…beautiful magic. Thoughts entered my mind that I never thought I would have. Please explain, and then perhaps we can find our own tree. Yes?}}

Erik: *Pulls back, kissing your forehead gently as I squeeze you* {{I mean that you love the energy you feel from me when I feed. I suppose you would call it the “thrill of the hunt”. I think you pick up on it and feel these things because of our special connection and also perhaps in part because as you said, you were born to be a vampire. I think the instincts are within you, you just need to tap into them and tonight brought out that energy in you. Do you understand?}} *Strokes my fingers down your back* 

Natalie: *nods, taking a deep breath* I feel what you feel, you feel what I feel. You jump, I jump. Now I understand why I am not afraid. All of this electric, pulse pounding energy, I…I feed off of it…like a vampire. *looks up, kissing you again for a few lingering moments and pulling back again* I need to get what I want from the dealer before I forget.

Erik: That is it exactly, forever linked. *Nods, playing with a curly piece of your hair* Have I told you how beautiful and exotic you are tonight? *Kisses you softly, letting you sway a bit  in my arms* Yes, I was going to ask about that in a moment. 

Natalie: Forever and always. *smiles, looking up into your eyes, the blue flame flickering just for me* You have, but I love hearing it from those lips of yours, and feeling your arms around me. *giggles against your lips, swaying with your movement* You, my Valiant Knight…are extremely high right now. I bet you feel great, huh? *laughs again* Let me get what I need and we can give in to our carnal impulses, hmm?

Erik: *Grins* And I love putting them around you. *Laughs* You know me **very** well. Mr. Lawson’s stash is much better, but this shall do very well for now. *Tickles you again* I think that sounds like perfection. *Studies you curiously, still wondering what you are going to do* 

Natalie: *laughs* I would have to agree with you on that. Mr. Lawson is very good to us, but that does not make you any less high. *laughs harder, squirming away from your tickling fingers, going to kneel beside the dealers limp body, searching his pockets* I told you he had something that he should not, and that I wanted it. *pulls out five vials of V, holding them out in my hand* I wanted these……

Erik: Hmmm, quality over quantity, something like that? *My eyes following your fingers as they riffle through his pockets, laughing at what you pull out* My little deputy, I am impressed. Your instincts are indeed very sharp. *Tilts my head* Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement? 

Natalie: Something like that. Why are you laughing? *climbs to my feet, grasping the vials in my hand* Not law enforcement, but I think drainers and dealers should all be shot in the kneecaps. I have a feeling his boss will do much worse than that to him when he finds the merchandise missing. *walks to you, slipping them into the pocket of your jacket* I wish to destroy them.

Erik: Only because I am very impressed that you knew he would have it on him directly. *Brushes your cheek gently when you return to me* We will see to it. Thank you, my angel. *Looks into your eyes* Have I told you I love you  yet this evening? 

Natalie: Why would he not? He offered it to me when he saw my earrings. I think your vampire brain is elsewhere at the moment. *smiles, looking down between your legs, then up into your eyes as you brush my cheek* You just did. I love you too, My Viking. *glides my fingers beneath your jacket, running them up and down your back* 

Erik: *Laughs* I think it is up against a tree somewhere, your Viking Knight apologizes. *Smirks as I watch your line of sight* It is a natural reaction, is it not? *Grins wide, growling softly as I feel your fingers* And just where are your hands going, Mrs. Northman?

Natalie: Then we should find that tree, and let my brain join yours high in its branches, while we have fun below. *shivers again when you growl* No need to apologize, and it is. Well, Mr. Northman, my hands could…*reaches to grab your ass tight in my fingers*…or they could…*circles one around your hip, letting my palm rub against you through your jeans as my fingers play* They could do any number of things. *grins*

Erik: *Grins* I think that is an **excellent** plan. *Growls low when you grab my ass, my fangs coming to attention again, my hips shifting forward as you touch me through my jeans, hissing* Those angelic fingers are the magic, not me. Let us go find that tree and let our “friend” here sleep it off, he will not remember anything in the morning. 

Natalie: If you keep getting all growly, I am going to keep getting all shivery. Then again, that could be a good thing. *gives you a squeeze for good measure, turning to look at the dealer that will probably be running from his boss for the rest of his life, by morning* You glamored him? *grins* God, I can not wait until I can do that to both species! I see those fangs, mister, you had better use them. *grabs your hand, pulling you through the trees, figuring you’ll know the right one when you see it*

Erik:*Grins* I love you all shivery, it is a **very** good thing. *Soft laugh* I love that my angel is so eager, you will be a beautiful sight of strength to behold. My fangs, you mean, all over your body? Oh, I plan to. *Threads our fingers, starting to walk through the park a bit, at an excited pace, trying to find a good sturdy tree, noticing one in the distance, pointing it out* What do you think? 

Natalie: Oh, I am very eager. Oh…you mean to be a vampire, right, right… That too. Fangs in all the right places, my favorites, and yours. *grasps your hand tight, giggling madly at you as you get as excited as a school boy, pulling me along* Were you just skipping? *cracks up, trying to focus on the tree, you’re pointing to* It looks mighty to me, now fuck me against it. *smirks*

Erik: Lucky for you, I love eager. *Grins, squeezing your hand* What are you giggling at? No, I was not….skipping. I am eager as well. *Tickles you with my free hand, maneuvering you down the path to it, and then up against it* Like this? *Grins, trying to work my jeans open, my fingers too excited themselves* It looks like you are going to have to help me. *Winks at you* 

Natalie: You were so skipping, and I am telling the entire vampire community. *giggles, squirming again, loving it when you push me up against the tree, batting your hands away as you start to look comical, going to war with your jeans, taking hold of the fly* I will help you, if you promise to fuck me so hard that I have to have your blood to heal all the bruises. *gives you a smirk, popping the button*

Erik: Yes, you do that. *Leans in to nip playfully at your neck, grinning as you work my jeans open* Thank you. Oh, you have yourself a deal. *Tries to work your jeans open, unzipping the zipper successfully* Well, it seems my fingers are magic as well. I have found success! *Grins like a maniac, working my fingers against the lace beneath the denim, tilting my head* However, that button is proving to be trouble. *Looks down at it, puzzled* 

Natalie: *tries not to completely lose it as I hear your exclamation, pushing your jeans and boxers from your hips, losing to the fit of laughter when I see the expression on your face, and the way your looking at my button, pulling your hands away again* Darling, stay, ok? *puts my hand up, then unbuttons my jeans, pushing everything down* Are we keeping our clothes on, or do we wish to be “really” daring? Oh, and remind me to call Mr. Lawson when we get back to the condo. I have another substance to procure.

Erik: *Tilts my head at you* What is so funny, my bouncy-haired Goddess? *Keeps my hands back as instructed, still staring at the button* Staying. *Grins as you undress part way* Oh, let us be as daring as possible. Shoot to the moon. What substance? *Tickles your hips* Such a beautiful sight, hidden away behind those confounding fasteners. Thank you for revealing it to me. *Grins wide*

Natalie: *reaches down to pull off my boots, tossing them, my jeans, and panties, into a pile beside the tree, my shirt soon joining them* How does your naked Goddess look in the moonlight? *grins* Oh, nothing. You just have a very good sense of humor tonight. *pulls your shirt over your head, adding it to the pile as you tickle my hips* I have to procure more cocaine. If you could see yourself right now…. It is better than fae blood. Buttons, yes, they are quite……confusing sometimes. *snickers under my breath*

Erik: *My fangs gleaming brightly in the moonlight at the sight of you* Lady Godiva would be in great envy. Well, I am always happy to entertain you. *Winks as you rid me of my shirt, stepping out of the rest* *Nods with another big grin* Cocaine it is. Yes, they happen to be very confusing, you should try it. Wait….you did. *Laughs a bit at myself, before moving forward to capture your lips* {{Think you can climb my mighty oak?}} 

Natalie: No, baby…I tried ecstasy, remember? I have not tried cocaine…yet. Not that I would not. *smiles when you laugh, keeping it as we kiss* {{You are a tree now? *giggles* You are more like a redwood.}} *wraps my arms around your neck, jumping from the ground to wrap my legs around your waist, reaching back to gently adjust you* {{Take it away. I am yours…I belong to you.}}

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